Flexicover E

Product Description

Resene Flexicover E is a thixotropic waterproofing membrane designed for thick application over concrete surfaces. Exterior/interior. Based on the recent development of tough acrylic elastomers that have an excellent 'memory' of their original shape when distorted. Improved dirt pick up and crack bridging properties are also of significant benefit. Ideally suited for structures that will flex and develop minor cracks. Protects flexing structures from concrete carbonisation by maintaining a seal over the micro cracks that develop.

Typical uses:
- Concrete road bridges
- High rise concrete buildings
- All other cementitious surfaces.

Colour: White* and colours off-white; available in most colours from the Resene Total Colour System in a minimum order size of 200L.

1. Due to its unique rheology, Resene Flexicover E may be applied at very high thicknesses without sagging or film cracking. Where possible, film thickness should be achieved with one coat for optimum film formation.
2. Superior void and crack filling properties.
3. Can bridge and contain propagating cracks as long as they are not wider than half the thickness of the applied Resene Flexicover E.
4. An Environmental Choice approved product.

1. Old, weathered concrete requires surface conditioning with Resene Sureseal (see Data Sheet D42).
2. Do not apply at temperatures below 3°C or when it is liable to drop below 3°C during the drying period.
3. Resene Flexicover E will pick up dirt in unwashed areas but this is easily removed by rinsing off with water. Cleaning may be enhanced by the addition of a suitable Resene decorative waterborne topcoat.

Please ensure the current Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are consulted prior to specification or application of product. If in doubt contact Resene. Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee on Resene decorative coatings - see Resene for more information.

Resene decorative coatings are tinted using unique Resene non VOC tinters enabling you to achieve the desired colour without added VOCs.

Engineered Systems Coatings products are tinted using special Resene industrial tinters. Remember Resene can create a customised specification free for your project - contact us for more information. Order colour charts and drawdowns of Resene colours from the Resene website.