Reacher Cowl Grille

Product Description

The Reacher Cowl Grille is an external grille that offers several innovative features to improve your air movement system’s performance. With its specially engineered shape and aesthetics, this cowl grille combines form with function. It’s modern, sleek design that is slimmer and less obtrusive than traditional cowl grilles, means the Reacher Cowl will not become an eyesore on the exterior of your home. 

  • UV stable materials won’t yellow after exposure to sunlight
  • Silent back-draught shutter prevents air in-flow and flapping
  • Reduced spigot length allows back-to-back installation with a through wall fan
  • Square base ensures accurate scribing on weatherboard, linear and rough wall surfaces
  • Built in grid protects against bird ingress
  • Angled design creates a positive water run-off to ensure water is expelled and not pooling
  • Available in both black and white