Product Description

Firth PorousPave is one of the paver options in the Firth EcoPave® System. The paver has a very open texture which allows water to filter through it to the underlying drainage medium. Porous nature of the paver allows water drainage. 60mm paver ideal for paths, patios, light residential traffic areas and public footpaths and 80mm paver suitable for medium residential traffic areas.

200L 100W x 60/80D mm 50 units per m2

Suitable for 

  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Patios


  • Reduces rainfall runoff from hard surfaces, decreasing the demand on drainage systems.
  • Reduces the need for retention structures (e.g. ground sumps, ponds or dams) and maximises land use by retaining water within the Permeable Paving System.
  • Recharges natural groundwater and aquifers.
  • Improves hydrological response of stormwater peak flow by holding and releasing in a controlled manner.
  • Filters run off water by removing heavy metals such as zinc and copper through cationic exchange when using greywacke sub base drainage aggregates.