PDL Iconic | Sensor Light Iconic Skin - Motion sensor with LED light

Product Description

The PDL Iconic™ Night Walk is a motion activated night light skin with and single power outlet, which fits on the standard Iconic double socket outlet grid. The Night Walk features an integrated motion sensor that switches on an integrated soft warm white LED when it detects movement and switches off after two minutes. The LED’s illuminate the path when someone gets up at night, without disturbing others. Featuring two modes, the Night Walk can be used as a sensor light only, or as a night light, where a dimmed light will turn on at night time and remain on until morning, increasing in brightness if motion is detected. Pet friendly, the motion sensor is angled to reduce the triggering by small pets. 

Key features

  • Soft Warm white LED with a smooth ramp up/ramp down operation
  • Two configurable modes:
  • o Sensor light – turns on with movement
  • o Night light – turns on at night (increases brightness of light further with movement)
  • 2 levels of LED intensity – low intensity for night light and brighter intensity for sensor light
  • 2-minute auto –off timer (timer restarts on each detection)
  • Modular design – plugs into an Iconic double socket grid
  • Adjustable lux level allowing to set ideal brightness
  • PIR range of 2 – 3 meters, with 120° field of view
  • Available in four colours - Cool Grey (CY), Anthracite (AN), Vivid White (VW) and Warm Grey (WY)