MF75 Bi-Fold Glass Sliding Door System

Product Description

The Bi-Fold MF75 is designed for internal 10mm Toughened Safety Glass doors up to a maximum weight of 75 kg, and with maximum glass panes 2400 x 950mm. It is ideal for bi-folding room dividers and wall applications and works on a paired leaf system, where the door panels are folded on pivot hinges which hold the door at the ends of the door panel.

Typically, the MF250 is used for single sliding doors with or without a glass side panel. The door has a top
rail which houses the roller carriage adjustable in height from 12 to 20mm.  The MF75 can fold doors from 2 panels to 6 in one direction which means that up to 12 doors per opening is possible.

MF75 parts and intall information