Meranti BS1088

Product Description

Plytech Meranti BS1088 is manufactured from selected mixed hardwood logs.

Plytech Meranti BS1088 is widely used in the boatbuilding industry and is appreciated for its natural durability, strength and stability. The face veneers of Meranti BS1088 are rotary cut featuring an attractive but bold irregular grain pattern. Meranti BS1088 is ideally suited to clear coat applications which enhances the lustrous wood grain.


  • Boat building: hull, decks and interior joinery
  • High-end furniture and joinery
  • Wall and ceiling lining.


  • Meranti BS1088 Heartwood varies in colour from pale pink to red-brown with interlocked, wavy grain and a coarse but even texture.

Technical Specifications:

  • Standard – EN 636-3
  • Faces – AB/B
  • Wood Raw Material – Indonesian hardwood
  • Density – average 650kg/m3
  • Class – Hardwood, moderately durable
  • Glue Bond – A Bond Exterior
  • Glue Formaldehyde Emission – E1.