Max Resistance2

Product Description

Plytech Max Resistance2 is a laboratory grade anti-bacterial worktop providing extreme resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, natural strength, long lasting durability and an easy-to-clean surface.

Plytech Max Resistance2 is double sided allowing you to maximise your design and reduce waste during fabrication. Extra high resin content and careful manufacturing results in a deep black core throughout, avoiding the need for additional edge treatment. Because of its superior performance, Max Resistance2 comes with a 10 year extended warranty.



Ideal for all types of laboratories: research facilities, biochemistry laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospital laboratories, surgery suites, school laboratories, kitchens and the food processing industry.



Max Resistance2 is available in a range of colours ensuring a unique and contemporary design.


Superior Performance:

In addition to chemical resistance, mechanical strength is key when it comes to creating highly durable, long-lasting lab surfaces. This is where Max Resistance2 comes into its own. Thanks to its innovative patented surface technology, Max Resistance2 offers a 25% higher impact and abrasion resistance, and a 50% greater scratch resistance, when compared to Electron Beam Cured (EBC) or Melamine surfaces. Max Resistance2 has a dimensional stability well above the standard requirements.