Mammoth Decorative Acoustic solutions

Product Description

Mammoth® Modern Insulation has introduced the Martini dECO range to New Zealand providing an alternative high-performance range of decorative acoustic products for commercial buildings, classrooms and public interior spaces.

The Martini dECO acoustic products are manufactured in Australia by CSR Martini and are all made from 100% polyester with Declare Red List Free and Green Tag assurance. CSR Martini is an established business with Martini dECO products having been used in landmark projects including: Hyatt Regency Sydney, CSIRO ACT, Royal Randwick Racecourse and Roseville College.

Within the Martini dECO acoustic range you'll find products suitable for most commercial and public building applications including interior acoustic wall and ceiling paneling, acoustic board and panels for workstation partitions and pin board wall covering and panels for offices, meeting rooms, theaters, restaurants, libraries, classrooms, sports halls, auditoriums.

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Installation instructions for all Martini products are here.