Mammoth Acoustic Panel Absorber

Product Description

Mammoth Panel Absorber is designed to be used as an interior surface lining in commercial or residential spaces to help reduce noise reverberation.

Mammoth Panel Absorber acoustic insulation is a semi rigid board in white, white with black face, black or grey. With a Group 1S fire rating under the ISO 9705 Fire test, it is suitable for use in exit ways and a variety of occupied spaces and HVAC systems.

Mammoth Panel Absorber is 100% polyester and is manufactured using two different processes, airlay and card. While the functions and specifications of Mammoth Panel Absorber produced in both ways remain the same, the appearance is different, which is most apparent on the grey panels. Airlay manufacturing produces a distinctly mottled grey finish, while the card is a more uniform grey with some tonal variations.

While our Panel Absorber is suitable for use in exposed applications, it is designed for acoustic performance rather than a high visual finish and may show some creasing, finish and colour variations. For this reason it is not recommended for use in highly visual applications.

Please contact your local Mammoth representative for more information and samples.

Download the Mammoth Panel Absorber Datasheet here and Installation Guidelines here.