Mammoth Acoustic Bafflestack Insulation

Product Description

  • Using Mammoth Bafflestack (previously known as NOVAhush) will reduce sound intensity at all frequencies.
  • Mammoth Baffles reduce the need for any constructed cavity walls within a building.
  • Mammoth Bafflestack blanket is laid over existing services in the ceiling cavity.
  • Can be used in a single or double stack (see install instructions).
  • Can be torn with bare hands across the width of the blanket.
  • Contains recycled polyester fibres made from plastic bottles.
  • Mammoth is safe and easy to work with.
  • No precautions are required for handling the product.
  • It will not cause irritation when torn to length or cut with shears.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand by InZone Industries Ltd.

Download Mammoth's Bafflestack Datasheet here and Installation Guidelines here.