Light Beton

Product Description

LightBeton makes interior design in concrete possible. Whether in retail fitouts, restaurants, or wall lining. This multiple award-winning concrete composite panel opens up the door for new possibilities for unconventional design and inspiring living spaces.

Real concrete:
Typical air voids, deep structure, occasional hairline cracks and random colour fluctuations are all typical of concrete and are what sets our LightBeton® apart. The look and touch are the same as “real” concrete. Once processed, it is undistinguishable from solid concrete.

Material composition MDF:
A composite material made of 2x 1.5mm LightBeton® (concrete) covering surfaces on a 16mm MDF core reaching a material thickness of 19mm altogether – with irregular surface holes and the authentic concrete characteristics.

Key features:

  • Made from real concrete
  • 2x 1.5mm concrete faces
  • Fire rated according to Group 1S – Classic Grey, Urban Grey, Retro, Anthracite
  • Matching Edge banding available
  • Repair Kit available
  • Light-weight when compared to solid concrete wall – weighs approx 16.5kg/m2>
  • Processed with standard wood working equipment

Scope of use:

  • Interior use only
  • Vertical surfaces only


  • 3020 x 1250 x 19mm Classic Grey, Urban Grey, , Retro, Anthracite
  • 3020 x 24 x 2mm Classic/Urban Grey/Retro, Anthracite