JSC SlipFree Anti Slip Protection System

Product Description

JSC SlipFree is manufactured using Bauxite aggregate mixed with solvent free epoxy and set into a corrosion resistant powder coated aluminium channel.

Designed to provide a very simple yet effective means of achieving non-slip compliance, JSC SlipFree can be used in areas that would otherwise not meet regulations and is manufactured to ensure a long service life.

The benefits of our anti slip protection system include:
- quick and simple installation;
- slip resistance without trip hazard;
- enhanced visibility (Hi-Viz colour available on request);
- easy retrofitting into almost any material.

JSC SlipFree is an ideal solution for a wide range of anti-slip applications.

It can be used effectively in commercial, public works and residential applications and allows greater scope for materials to be used that would otherwise not be suitable.

Designed to be used wherever a non-slip surface is required:
Piers, Wharves, Boardwalks, Schools/Universities, Bridges, Access Ramps, Stadiums and Daycares.

JSC SlipFree can be installed in a variety of patterns and repetitions, suitable for:
- large areas where wide spacing of strips is called for;
- access ramps where close spacing for wheelchairs are needed;
- stair treads that require slip resistance focused on one edge.

JSC SlipFree has excellent slip resistance. Tested using the pendulum skid resistance test, in three different directions, JSC SlipFree has a friction co-efficient of .75 when dry or wet. Refer UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines BS7976, part 2.

This co-efficient exceeds that of BRANZ Bulleting 483, 4.3, requiring a co-efficient of .4 or greater when wet.

Type: JSCSF12 Lengths: 1200mm & 2400* Width: 12mm Depth: 7.2-7.8mm Weight: 0.18kg/m
Type: JSCSF23 Lengths: 1200mm & 2400* Width: 23mm Depth: 7.2-7.8mm Weight: 0.35kg/m
*custom length – lead times apply

Available Colours:
Standard - black/dark grey
Custom - a selection are available on request, including grey, white, yellow, and “Hi-Viz”

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