JSC Hardwood Decking

Product Description

JSC Timber has a wide variety of hardwood decking options that deliver a wide variation of colours and grain structures to suit your individual requirements. Suitable for residential and commercial situations, a hardwood timber deck can extend your living area when creatively linked with a JSC Timber solid hardwood or engineered floor.

JSC Timber hardwood decking species are available in both standard and custom profiles and sizes. Many species are available, our most popular include Vitex, Iroko, Garapa and Purpleheart.

The bulk of our Vitex supply is from small Solomon Island village community sawmills, operating in family tribal concessions. As part of our commitment to supplying sustainable building materials we can also offer JSC Eco-Vitex Decking. A product that is sustainably milled in the Solomon Islands.

JSC Garapa is FSC® certified which guarantees that it is from responsibly managed forests.

JSC Timber offer a wide range of speciality decking profiles. For more information please contact us.