Imperite 413

Product Description

Resene Imperite 413 is a highly decorative and durable two pack gloss urethane topcoat for the decoration and protection of interior and exterior surfaces. Ideal for use where bright colours and outstanding colour and gloss retention are to be an architectural feature. Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and salt solutions. Extremely durable topcoat, resists marring and scuffing.

Typical uses:
• Aluminium
• Concrete
• Decorative panels
• Doors
• Fascias
• Fibre cement
• Furniture
• GRP, repaints
• Partitions
• Steel joinery
• Timber
• Walls

Colour: White, selected BS2660, BS5252 and Resene Total Colour System.

1. Outstanding colour and gloss retention.
2. Excellent chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance.
3. Resists splash and spillage and continuous immersion in fresh and saltwater.

1. For immersion service allow coating to cure for 7-14 days at 20ºC before placing into service.
2. Recoating of fully cured Resene Imperite 413 without abrasion of the existing paint may result in unsatisfactory adhesion.
3. Spray application is required to achieve a quality finish.
4. Do not apply over thermoplastic coatings.
5. Not recommended for direct application to zinc rich primers, such as inorganic zinc.

Please ensure the current Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are consulted prior to specification or application of product. If in doubt contact Resene. Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee on Resene decorative coatings - see Resene for more information. Resene decorative coatings are tinted using unique Resene non VOC tinters enabling you to achieve the desired colour without added VOCs. Engineered Systems Coatings products are tinted using special Resene industrial tinters. Remember Resene can create a customised specification free for your project - contact us for more information. Order colour charts and drawdowns of Resene colours from the Resene website.