GIB Weatherline®

Product Description

GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Systems provide excellent water, mould and fire resistant performance properties. GIB Weatherline® Systems are suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings, and have been tested for wind speeds up to and including Extra High wind zone as defined in NZS 3604.

― 10 mm or 13mm thick
― 1200 mm wide
― 2450 mm*, 2700 mm or 3000mm long
*2450mm available in 10mm thickness only

Key Features:
― Moisture protection by providing a second line of defence against water penetration.
― Enhanced thermal efficiency of the building by reducing uncontrolled air movement.
― Cost effective fire rated systems including 30min and 60min FRR options.
― Structural bracing elements with double and single sided options.
― NZBC compliant. Made and tested in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand conditions.
― Environmentally friendly. Offcuts can be recycled.
― Easy handling and fast installation. Simply score, snap and screw fix.

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