Gerard Free-flow Port (LV200 series)

Product Description

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The Gerard Free-flow Port is an integrated extraction ventilation solution for new builds and roof refurbishments, and provides an outlet for both passive and mechanically vented spaces.

This low profile 20,000mm2 vent provides a 160mm diameter outlet, and can be provided with a reducer down to Ø 150/130/125/110/100mm enabling it to be connected as a ducted vent for bathroom, kitchen, or laundry extraction systems. It can also be used as a passive vent to allow moist or hot air to escape from the space below the roof.

The design of the Gerard Free-flow Port (LV200 series) allows rain to be diverted from the outlet, and a built in protective grille keeps out insects and drifting snow.

On installation, the Free-flow Port is overlapped by the above and side tiles to become integrated with the roof. Fasteners installed next to the laps - but not through the vents - complete the installation.
Key features:
  • Discreet, low-profile solution suitable for both mechanical and passive vent systems.

  • Ideal solution for kitchen, bathroom, laundry areas.

  • 160mm outlet, can be reduced to Ø 150/130/125/110/100mm.

  • Vent and pipe manufactured from HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), so ideal for highly corrosive areas.

  • Designed to divert rain and prohibit the entry of insects and snow.

  • Compatible with seven Gerard profiles – Vent is supplied installed on a base plate shaped to fit desired profile.

  • Installed as fully integrated, interlocking part of a Gerard pressed steel roof system.

  • Covered by Gerard Roofs’ warranty when installed as part of a Gerard pressed steel roof system, and by a Gerard Certified Roofer (GCR). 



With different design iterations, the Gerard Free-flow Port can be matched to most profiles and corresponding colour and textures in the Gerard range.

(Unique product IDs in brackets)

  • Gerard Heritage (LVT200)  

  • Gerard Stratos ((LVC200) 

  • Gerard Milano (LVM200)

  • Gerard Senator (LVOB200)

  • Gerard Classic (LVG200)

Scope of use:

Suitable for use in new builds and roofs being refurbished using Gerard pressed steel system:

  • 15 – 45 degree in pitch
  • Wind zones up to and including extra high as defined in NZS3604:2011
  • All corrosion zones as defined in NZS3604:2011


Limitations on use:

  • The Gerard Free-flow Port (LV200 series) is designed for use with Gerard pressed steel roof systems only.
  • Should an adapter be needed, use only the Gerard Multi Adapter designed for the Gerard Free-flow Port.
  •  System is not compatible with the Gerard Oberon profile.


Statement of Building Code compliance:

The Gerard Free-flow Port (LV200) complies with the following sections of the New Zealand Building Code:
  • B1 Structure 
  • B2 Durability 
Roof Tile Group and Gerard Roofs are ISO 9001:2015 accredited by Telarc (Certificate #739). Certified since 1995.
In-service history:

Gerard Roofs have been supplying passive flow roof vents for Gerard pressed steel roof systems worldwide, for over 30 years. 

The Gerard Free-flow Port (LV200 series), and Gerard Sanitary Port (G110 series) are new solutions for the New Zealand market, imported from Europe.


Other performance attributes:

  • Manufactured from HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) and coated with Gerard’s Textured or Satin finishes.
  • Covered by Gerard Roofs’ warranty when installed as part of a Gerard pressed steel roof system, and by a Gerard Certified Roofer (GCR).