FSH FES90M-P Series

Product Description

The patented FES90M-P motorised High Security Electric EcoStrike with up to 35kg Pre-Load capability is a revolutionary electric locking solution. With a high Pre-Load /Side-Load tolerance and minimal energy consumption in ‘Sleep-Mode’ it is a truly “Green Locking Solution”.

The strike accepts voltages from 10 to 30VDC, is pre-drilled for extension lips and has a unique and simple fail secure (Power To Open)/ fail safe (Power To Lock) switch-over function.

The door strike provides 3 forms of monitoring:

  1. LSS (Lock Status Sensor)
  2. DSS (Door Latch Sensor)


The electric strike consumes current less than 300mA @ 12VDC at full 35kg pre-load only during locking and unlocking action. In the locked or unlocked state (Sleep-Mode), the electric strike consumes current less than 15mA @ 12VDC.

FES90MP comes with a 10mm strike lip as standard, to prevent possible personal injury and damage to clothing as with 15mm lips.