Frameless Glass Partitions, Walls, Glass Fins and Glazing Channels.

Product Description

Metro’s Frameless glass screens and doors are available in extremely large sizes to complement any bespoke system design. “With the use of acoustic reduction glass you can create glass partitions that are highly insulating against noise travel between spaces.”

Internal glass partitions and walls are becoming increasingly popular for the home and office, where interior design has moved towards open spaces and modern, light-filled rooms. We supply internal glass partitions that create a smooth, seamless barrier within your existing space that gives the illusion of openness.

We offer a range of glass partitions, walls, and panels from single glazed safety glass through to double and thermal glazed partitions. We offer many styles and options to suit your space and decor, such as frosting, tinting, coloured and patterned glass to cover sections or entire panels – your imagination is the limit.

Frameless Internal Partitions and Walls - Product Overiew

Multi Story Spider Fins