Fairview 50 Commercial suite

Product Description

Fairview 50 is a diverse and highly versatile range, specifically designed to cater for New Zealand’s unique building and construction practices. Ideal for educational, industrial, office and retail projects. 
The development of three base systems, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm ensures ease of fabrication and installation. And provides multiple variations so you can achieve your projects specific performance and aesthetic requirements.
Glazing options
  • Glazing capacity of up to 28mm double glazed. 
  • Blend across front and centre depending on the look desired. Multiple glazing on the same elevation allows for unique street frontages.
  • 2 sided structural glazing available.
- Commercial offices
- Factory offices
- Interior fit outs
- Retail
- Cafes and restaurants
- Schools
  • Captive provides a modern & minimal aesthetic
  • Structural provides a flat modern aesthetic
Features overview
  • Tested to AS/NZS 4284.
  • Integrated end dams for improved glazing drainage.
  • Versatile modular installation methodology.
  • Combine across captive and structural facades.
  • Can accommodate steel strengthening if and where required.
  • Two piece seismic channel and seismic still tray available.
Product range consisting of:
75mm (captive only), 100mm, 125mm and 150mm suite depths. Multiple variations possible.
Design loads and testing
The Fairview 50 has been tested at extreme pressures, in some cases simulating wind speeds in excess of 270km/h, to test ultimate structural strength.
Specific design characteristics/aesthetics
If your project requires sun louvres, sun protection, controlled ventilation and/or automatic access (automatic doors) please contact our Architectural advisors.
Powdercoated: huge range of standard and non-standard colours.
Anodised: standard colour options are silver, black and bronze, 20 and 25 micron thickness. Other colours and thicknesses are available. 
Stella, Kanso and our proprietary Verta hardware range are suitable, plus we can fit most Commercial grade hardware.