Ezi-Flo Rainwater Systems

Product Description

Ezi-Flo from Roofing Industries offers a comprehensive selection of spouting systems, and gutters that are functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing, and are suited to most residential and some commercial applications, irrespective of roofing style and materials used.  Purpose made gutters can also be manufactured to meet specific project requirements with appropriate external or internal brackets supplied to suit.  

Available as zincalume, galvanised, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, zinc, zinc magnesium alloy, Colorcote and Colorsteel pre-painted modern colour surface finishes. 

Ezi-Flo downpipes, in square or round profiles, feature proprietary bends and joiners for improved water flow.  Rainwater heads are available to ensure smooth flow particularly during periods of heavy rainfall. Ezi-Flo Rainwater heads are normally custom manufactured in a range of materials and finishes.

  • Traditional Spouting: 
    • Quarter Round,
    • Old Gothic,
    • J Line, 
    • ½ Round 168mm, 
    • ½ Round Swaged, 
    • ½ Round Flat Back, 
    • ½ Round Flat Back Swaged Gutter Systems:
    • 125mm Box Gutter,
    • 175mm Box Gutter,
    • 300mm Box Gutter
  • Custom Design Gutters
  • Rainwater Heads — zinc, galvanised, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and Colorcote and Colorsteel surface finishes
  • Downpipe Systems: rectangular, round


  • Residential Gutters
  • Commercial Gutters
  • Downpipes

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