Product Description

Firth was awarded certification in 2012 from the New Zealand Eco-labeling Trust to manufacture and supply an environmental and sustainable blend of concrete - EnviroBlend® Concrete - from a selected plant in Auckland. Initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government the certification also qualifies for a maximum credit rating for concrete materials under the GreenStar NZ scheme facilitated by the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Environmental blend concrete must meet strict environmental criteria to achieve certification. Firth’s EnviroBlend® Concrete can only be supplied from one Firth plant, which is Hamer Street, based in central Auckland. Customers using up to 90% of an environmental blend concrete immediately qualify for 3 points under GreenStar NZ, up to 60% usage qualifies for 2 points and up to 30% usage will achieve 1 point.

Criteria the environmental blend is assessed on are: 

  • Manufacturing sites hold necessary consents and permits
  • Raw materials such as cement carry  ECNZ certification
  • Aggregate supplier hold necessary consents, permits and follow strict management plans
  • Hazardous substances are managed as per HSNO Act
  • Water and air discharges are monitored and managed
  • Water and solid waste recycling programs
  • Energy management
  • Employee training programs