Keystone Garden Wall

Product Description

New Straight Faced Garden Wall now available in 2 new colours! 
Keystone® Garden Wall has the natural look of quarried stone allowing it to blend in with any landscape. Garden Wall is perfect for landscape retaining walls, tree rings, patio, lawn edging and garden or flower borders. Firth Garden Wall retaining walls can be constructed to a maximum height of 700mm, this system cannot take any loading or surcharge on the retained area behind the wall.

> Units per m2: 33.3
> Units per lineal metre: 3.3
> For curved & straight walls
> Qty on pallet: 128
> Block weight: 13kg per unit

Available as: 

Straight faced - 300L x 210D x 100H mm 33.3 units per m2 

Triface - 300L x 230D x 100H mm 33 units per m2