DULUX Luxathane R

Product Description

DULUX LUXATHANE® R is a full gloss, two component acrylic polyurethane which displays the advantage of being recoatable with minimum surface preparation.

DULUX Luxathane R is designed for general use in atmospheric chemical and marine service where gloss and colour retention, hardness and abrasion resistance, and wide-ranging chemical resistance are required. It may be used in new construction and maintenance services over properly primed steel, galvanised steel, concrete or hardwood timber. LUXATHANE R may be applied directly over all Dulux Epoxy Primers and universal primers or over recommended high-build epoxy intermediate coats. It may be effectively used over aged tightly adhering epoxy and other coatings subject to necessary solvent resistance tests and appropriate surface preparation.

• 2-pack polyurethane
• Excellent solvent, chemical and abrasion resistance.
• High gloss finish
• Attractive and easy maintenance surface.

Product Code: 737-LINE