DULUX AcraTex 953/103 Membrane

Product Description

DULUX AcraTex 953/103 Membrane 103 is an extremely weatherproof highly flexible water-based 100% acrylic membrane. Can produce a range of smooth or textured finishes.

DULUX AcraTex 953 Membrane 103 is designed to give a watertight membrane for use on most smooth masonry & concrete surfaces, both interior & exterior. It gives a finish with excellent water resistance & protective properties against moisture ingress. It can be applied by various methods to produce smooth or texture finishes. In particular low profile, high profile, spray stipple & smooth airless spray finishes are readily achieved. Optimum performance is enhanced by overcoating with DULUX AcraTex AcraShield Advance.

• 10 year warranty when applied as full AcraTex system
• Flexible & crack bridging ability
• Resists carbon dioxide

• Guaranteed long term exterior durability.
• Excellent water resistance and protection.
• Resists substrate thermal epxansion & contraction
• Ideal protective coating for spalled concrete.

Product Code: 194-20827