DULUX Luxaprime Zinc Phosphate

Product Description

DULUX LUXAPRIME® Zinc Phosphate oil modified polyurethane based primer is a one pack product which contains zinc phosphate and micaceous iron oxide pigments. The primer is highly resistant to moisture and gives superior performance over power or hand tool cleaned surfaces compared to conventional ROZP primers. The high build nature of the product allows up to 75 microns DFT in one coat.

LUXAPRIME® Zinc Phosphate is recommended as a primer or primer finish over steel, especially in circumstances where surface preparation is limited to power or hand tool clean standards. Abrasive blast cleaning is always recommended where it can be justified on economic or practical grounds. LUXAPRIME® Zinc Phosphate is typically used on bridges, cranes, towers, tanks and roofs and especially as a primer­finish in environmental colours on general structural steelwork such as warehouses and factories.

• Non toxic anti-corrosive pigment.
• Superior protection and moisture resistance.
• Allows heavy (75 um DFT) one coat application.
• Can be left as topcoat.

Product Code: 866-LINE