DULUX Durebild STE

Product Description

Surface Tolerant High Build High Solids Epoxy Coating

DUREBILD® STE has been developed specifically for New Zealand conditions using the latest epoxy technology. It is principally used as a high performance maintenance coating over hand, power tool or high-pressure water cleaned surfaces where blasting is impractical or not allowed. This coating can also be used for new work and where required as an intermediate coat. Untinted DUREBILD® STE is ideal for fresh and salt­water immersion over abrasive blast cleaned steel. It provides excellent protection against the splash and spillage of a wide range of chemicals. DUREBILD® STE can be topcoated with a wide range of coating types and is available with a cold cure hardener that is bloom free.

• Suitable for surfaces where only minimal surface prep is possible
• High Degree of Surface Tolerance
• Extended corrosion protection

Protective Code: 775-LINE