DULUX AcraTex Elastomeric 201

Product Description

Elastomeric weatherproofing & anti-carbonation barrier coating. Specified as a topcoat elevating Texture System performance or as a stand alone AntiCabonation coating for steel reinforced concrete.

DULUX AcraTex Elastomeric 201 can be used on new and previously painted masonry, concrete, stucco, bricks, block work, precast concrete, off form concrete, glass reinforced concrete, solid plaster, fibre cement sheeting & rendered polystyrene systems. DULUX AcraTex 968 Elastomeric 201 is an ideal system following concrete spalling treatment.

• 10 year warranty when applied as a full system
• High water tightness
• Water based
• Resists carbon dioxide
• High tensile strength

• Guaranteed long term exterior durability.
• Easy, safe and economical clean-up.
• Ideal protective coating for spalled concrete.
• Excellent crack bridging ability.
• Low roller splatter.

Product Code: 194-85670