DULUX AcraTex 958 AcraSand

Product Description

DULUX AcraTex 958 AcraSand is an extremely tough 100% pure acrylic coating, formulated to produce a fine granular sand finish.

DULUX AcraTex 958 AcraSand can be used where extreme high performance is required and where a more natural granular appearance is aesthetically desired. Its high build rheology will cover small holes and fine hairline cracks in a single fast applicating / economical coat on all masonry substrates.

• Water based
• Easy to nap roller application
• Versatile application
• 10 year warranty when applied as full AcraTex system
• Low maintenance

• Easy, safe and economical clean-up.
• Fine granular sand-paint look
• Quick, efficient application with roller and brush.
• Guaranteed long term exterior durability.
• Weatherproof & stays cleaner top reducing maintenance when top coated with 955 Acrashield

Product Code: 194-51943