DULUX AcraTex 951 Tuscany Coarse

Product Description

DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On Tuscany Course is a acrylic texture coating producing a Tuscan style look. Formulated to be applied to various masonry surfaces , giving a medium sand texture finish.

DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On Tuscany Coarse can be applied to any sound masonry substrate, it has been carefully formulated to produce a tough, water resistant fine trowel rendered appearance. The cured coating has a mottled aged rendered patina and is similar to that of a limewash finish. It is ideally suited for the renovation of heritage facades or for a traditional natural "render look" to a new structure of either contempory or traditional architectural style. Technically, DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On Tuscany Coarse delivers the charm of yester-year with the benefits of todays technology and unlike limewash or cement based coatings, it will not develop surface cracks and is virtually maintenance free.

• 10 year warranty when used as a full AcraTex system
• Pre-mixed ready for use
• Fast processing & Long "wet edge"
• Low maintenance

• Guaranteed long term exterior durability.
• Tuscan style look & finsh in a range of colours
• Quick, efficient, and levels uneven cement based surafces to an even finish
• Weatherproof & stays cleaner reducing maintenance when top coated with 955 Acrashield

Product Code: 194-85744