DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On 1mm

Product Description

DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel 1mm is a fine granular, water based acrylic trowel applied texture coating. For application over various masonry surfaces, producing a fine ‘circular scratch finish’.

DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On 1mm textured coatings are designed to give a durable highly decorative trowel applied finish for inter/exterior for use on surfaces that may have surface imperfections.DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On 1mm is a low profile granular.

• 10 year warranty when used as a full AcraTex system
• Water based
• Fast processing & Long "wet edge"
• Low maintenance

• Guaranteed long term exterior durability.
• Easy, safe and economical clean-up.
• Quick, efficient trowel application with long workability.
• Weatherproof & stays cleaner longer reducing maintenance when top coated with Acrashield Advance.

Product Code: 194-20851