Continuous Flow Flue System

Product Description

Flue kit for the 27L Internal Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water unit.

The Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater is available in models suitable for indoor installation. The flue system is a room sealed concentric design (coaxial) manufactured from high grade stainless steel inner and aluminised steel outer.

Separate ventilation for combustion is not required as the air for combustion is supplied in the flue outer. The flue system can be installed with zero clearances from combustible materials. Flue termination must comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1.

Available in the following models:

  • Horizontal Flue Kit Side Exit: 318278
  • Horizontal Flue Kit Rear Exit: 318279
  • Vertical Flue Kit: 318280