Lazer Eco Boiling Water

Product Description

The Rheem Lazer Eco is a cost-effective boiling water appliance designed for a wide range of installations, such as the workplace or sports club. Eco mode provides boiling water with reduced energy consumption. The Lazer Eco range has capacities of 3, 5 and 7.5 litres which can deliver up to a maximum of 185 cups* of boiling water per hour.

*Cup size 170ml

  • Available in 3, 5 and 7.5L capacities
  • Eco Mode button control automatically turns the unit to sleep two hours after use reducing power consumption
  • Indicator light changes colour, so you know at a glance when it’s heating or in Eco Mode
  • Optional safety tap available
  • Easy to clean, white powder coat finish
  • Delivering a maximum of 185 cups* per hour of ready to use boiling water (depending on model)
  • Wall Mounted
  • Manufactured in New Zealand

Available in the following model configurations:

  • Lazer Eco 70303W-NZ | 3L | 283W x 158D x 435Hmm
  • Lazer Eco 70305W-NZ | 5L | 336W x 191D x 465Hmm
  • Lazer Eco 70307W-NZ | 7.5L | 336W x 191D x 515Hmm