CONTEGA® EXO Exterior window and door connection strip

Product Description

CONTEGA® EXO is designed for use as a weathertight connection around exterior edge of windows and doors. It is a non-wicking, non-porous, flexible adhesive strip that is versatile for use in timber, masonry and concrete structures.

The tape has slack for expansion to allow for relative motion between components over time, it provides a long-term durable seal. CONTEGA® EXO has adaptable installation options, provided by three strips of adhesive, and can also be plastered or rendered over on the fleece side. It is vapour-permeable ensuring your structure remains dry and durable.

  • Effective weathertight seal around windows and doors
  • Outstanding adhesion on cold and/or wet surfaces
  • Flexible and expandable, to accommodate building movement
  • Thin, highly pliable and easily formed around corners and shapes
  • Airtight connection for the life of the building