Concrete Preparation Services

Product Description

Polished Concrete Ltd provide superior quality concrete preparation services. 
Highly experienced staff have the utmost attention to detail when undertaking a job. 

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It is essential to remove the contaminants from any concrete surface; these might include glue, coatings or uneven concrete latency. Preparation creates a level and clean surface for the addition of products or modifications. Polished Concrete use only the best grinding equipment and diamond tooling to prepare any concrete surface before any significant interior works are completed. Our team are specialists in their field and have an eye for detail.

Concrete grinding


We only use Industry leading grinding & polishing equipment to maximise productivity and quality. Typically, grinding equipment can range from hand grinders, small single head grinder through to large remote planetary grinders. We have a number of remote machines that cover both commercial and residential grinding and polishing applications. Concrete is no match for Diamonds, we use the latest diamond technology to give us the cutting edge over our competitors.

Coatings and Glue Removal

Existing Glues, Coatings and other floor toppings are easily removed using our PCD line of diamond tooling. Grinding dust is vacuumed up during the process and bagged ready for disposal.

Levelling Compounds

As part of the preparation process for any surface, it is critical to ensure the surface is level and flat. We use a range of leveling compounds to create an entirely flat and smooth surface. 


Concrete floors will usually have control joints and or seismic joints to allow movement and encourage cracking at these points and not through the middle of a decretive floor if possible. Creating and or filling this joints with either a flexible sealant or mortar needs to be done to prepare the floor for the grinding and polishing process. Sometimes this process can happen after the polishing process to widen chipped joints and fill.