Concrete Grinding Services

Product Description

Polished Concrete Ltd provide superior quality concrete preparation services. 
Highly experienced staff have the utmost attention to detail when undertaking a job. 

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We only use Industry leading grinding & polishing equipment to maximise productivity and quality. Typically, grinding equipment can range from hand grinders, small single head grinder through to large remote planetary grinders. We have a number of remote machines that cover both commercial and residential grinding and polishing applications. Concrete is no match for Diamonds, we use the latest diamond technology to give us the cutting edge over our competitors.  

Coatings and Glue Removal

Existing Glues, Coatings and other floor toppings are easily removed using our PCD line of diamond tooling. Grinding dust is vacuumed up during the process and bagged ready for disposal.
Grind and Seal
The simplest form of beautiful finishing of concrete. Comprises usually of an aggressive removal of the top layer of concrete to expose the aggregate and then a coating is applied to protect the surface. The service life and maintenance of this method is not a long-term solution.
Non Slip
These are coatings with grit particles applied to increase the resistance against slip. Can be used around pool areas and general outdoor applications.