Commercial Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Product Description

Commercial continuous flow outdoor and indoor models deliver a maximum water temperature of 82°C which is suitable for sanitising applications.

Available in both Natural Gas and ULPG, these units have unique Flame Safe technology which detects abnormal combustion, provides a fault code and shuts the system down. Frost protection is supplied as standard.

  • Can deliver temperatures up to 82°C for sanitising requirements
  • 6 Star energy efficiency
  • 27 Litre per minute continuous hot water delivery 
  • Natural Gas or ULPG Gas models available
  • Unique Flame Safe technology detects heat exchanger faults and shuts the system down
  • Frost protection is supplied as standard
  • 84% efficiency
  • Manifold multiple units for greater volumes

Available in the following model configurations:

  • CFGWH 872627NFZ | Outdoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 872627LPZ | Outdoor Installation | ULPG Gas
  • CFGWH 862627NFZ | Indoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 862627LPZ | Indoor Installation | ULPG Gas