Classic Residential 35 (CR35) Windows Doors

Product Description

The combination of clean lines with a lightly curved profile gives the CR35 a more classic aesthetic. Designed for residential environments where both value for money and performance are important.
Designed to meet New Zealand’s building standards and conditions.
Glazing options
35mm glazing platform provides a glazing capability up to 24mm.
Standard residential applications where value for money and performance are important. Suitable for government housing projects, group builder homes and architectural homes.
Best when; 
- traditional aesthetic is required
- a standard liner finish is required
Features overview
  • Full range of mullions and transoms including internal box stiffening or external fins.
  • Hinged door panels available in 77mm or 125mm stile widths.
  • Bi-fold doors can be bottom rolling with the weight carried on the sill; or top hung when the lintel is designed to receive the panel loads. 
  • Sliding doors panels can span up to 2400mm height and 1500mm width, creating impressive openings. Heavy duty roller options manages panels up to 150kg.
  • Bevelled or square glazing bead options for optimal aesthetic appearance.
  • Hinge and bi-fold doors can be manufactured up to 2400mm height in most situations.
  • Optional anodised tracks for long term performance.
  • Traditional New Zealand installation method using timber reveals.
  • Sashes can be added without expensive sub-frames. 
  • Heavy duty mullion options that can span up to 3000mm height. 
  • Condensation drainage channel with anti-blow-back valve for high water egress performance.
  • 19mm weather facing flange.
Product range consisting of:
- Fixed, awning and casement windows
- Bi-fold windows (open-out)
- Hinged doors (both open-in or open-out)
- Bi-fold doors (top or bottom rolling panels up to 75kg)
- Sliding doors (inside sliding panels)
- Stacking doors (inside sliding panels)
Powdercoated: huge range of standard and non-standard colours.
Anodised: standard colour options are silver, black and bronze, 12, 20 and 25 micron thickness.
EUROWOOD™: a range of wood-grain finishes available.
Stella, Kanso and Verta hardware options available.
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