Cedarscreen Bevel Back Weatherboard Cladding System

Product Description



Western red cedar is renowned as a superior exterior timber cladding material and bevel back cedar weatherboards provide a classic design element to any external cladding system. Bevel back cedar cladding is a tried and tested facade type that has stood the test of time. Add the many stunning design alternatives cedar timber provides and your exterior cladding will deliver longevity, performance and style.

Many of us are familiar with the black stained bevel back cedar weatherboards and crisp white joinery first seen in the early Vernon Brown houses scattered through Auckland’s Eastern Suburbs. Since the 1940s this style has developed and been refined to result in a well accepted aesthetic.

This durable and 'bullet proof' cladding type has become well accepted as a sophisticated building methodology that is known to add value and longevity. As they are well designed to allow air to ventilate and water to drain or dry, bevel back weatherboards are recognised as a robust cladding system with good weather tight performance.

With a range of wood oil coating colour options, the tone of your bevel back cedar weatherboards can be adjusted to suit any taste, and to complement any building design and its environment.

Introducing a choice in weatherboard texture gives further aesthetic flexibility. Bandsawn or dressed cedar board finishes can be selected, creating myriad opportunities for designers to create unique solutions for the wide range of landscape conditions that we encounter across New Zealand.


Cedarscreen Bevel Back is compliant as both a direct fixed and cavity fixed wall cladding material with fixing methods in accordance with Acceptable Solution E2/AS1. Horizontal weatherboards shall be either direct fixed or fixed over a drained cavity, in accordance with the risk categories as shown in Clause 3.0 and Tables 1, 2 and 3 E2/AS1.

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