ArciTech Drawer System

Product Description

The ArciTech drawer system offers the perfect combination of incredible style with superior performance. This German designed and manufactured drawer system is made from the highest quality steel and plastics and comes with a life time warranty.

ArciTech allows complete customisation whilst keeping it simple for manufacturers thanks to the platform concept.

When quality becomes an experience: ArciTech sets standards in the drawer.

Unequalled running action that speaks quality in high end furniture. Exceptional stability for maximum creative flexibility in choosing front panel formats and materials and for furniture that brings lasting pleasure. Incredibly broad product line-up based on a single platform, making it possible to set furniture apart and tailor it to consumer preferences.



  • Available in white, silver, anthracite (dark grey) and champagne
  • Runner weights of 40kg, 60kg and 80kg
  • Drawer lengths (depth into cabinet) of 270mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm and 650mm
  • Real panel heights of 78mm (perfect for under the oven), 94mm, 126mm, 186mm, 218mm, 250mm and 282mm
  • Side panel heights of 78mm (perfect for under the oven), 94mm and 126mm
  • Four side panel design options: Railing, double railing, DesignSide and Topside
  • Opening options: Push to Open Silent and electronic Push to Open Easys
  • 8 different interior organisers and up to 18 different pull bin combination options
  • ArciTech drawers sit on the Hettich Actro runner, Actro can handle weights up to 80kg with ease and is perfect for large or wide drawer fronts. The Actro runner ensures consistant smooth running action with no noise resulting in a luxurious feeling drawer system.