ARDEX WPM 3000X - Self-Adhesive, Modified Bituminous Tanking Membrane

Product Description

ARDEX WPM 3000X is a peel and stick SBS rubber modified bituminous/asphalt membrane.

Typical uses include planter boxes, foundations, below-ground applications, retaining walls, balconies, decks under cement screeds or other compatible hard coverings.

  • Cold Application – no open flames
  • Ideal for restricted spaces
  • Can be adjusted should it initially be placed in the wrong position
  • Chemical resistance
  • Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other pollutants
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Self sealing – the membrane self seals on contact maintaining its watertightness


  • Type: SBS
  • Thickness/weight: 1.5mm
  • Heat stability: 90˚C
  • Cold flexibility: -30˚C
  • Roll size: 1 x 20m
  • Roll weight: 30kg
  • Rolls per pallet: 25