ARDEX WPM 196 - SBS Torch-Applied Tanking Membrane

Product Description

ARDEX WPM 196 is a high performance Styrene-Butadine-Styrene (SBS) bituminous compound modified with adhesive elastoplastomeric polymers its excellent quality is highlighted by two indicators: cold flexibility and high adhesiveness. ARDEX WPM 196 is suitable for application in all climatic zones, with excellent cold flexibility (- 20° C) enables an easy application and allows the membrane to be ideally suited to be applied in areas with harsh climates. The exceptional elongation properties of SBS combined with the strength and dimensional stability of the reinforcing provides an excellent waterproofing membrane in below ground applications. ARDEX WPM 196 is coated with a mineral chip - sand, polymeric film PE/PP, while the bottom surface is embossed and protected by a heat sensitive polythene film. ARDEX WPM 196 also has the European CE certification for use as a tanking membrane.


  • Modified Bitumen Tanking Membrane
  • CE Certification
  • CodeMark Certification (No. AQ-021216-CMNZ)
  • Positive Vapour Barrier
  • High Resistance to Thermal Ageing
  • High Resistance to Cracking
  • Excellent Elongation and Flexibility
  • 4mm Gauge
  • Mineral Chip Finish



Vertical or horizontal below-ground tanking including:

  • To the outside of a sub-structure of a building
  • Under floor slabs
  • The lining of in-situ or pre-cast concrete
  • Retaining walls
  • Lift shafts and pits
  • Tunnels
  • Planter boxes