AMF Thermatex Thermofon

Product Description

AMF Thermatex Thermofon provides high sound absorption. The light weight and perforations of the core board has created a Class A sound absorber. With a strong white surface the appearance of AMF Thermatex Thermofon is smooth and elegant. New generation bio-soluble mineral wool, clay and starch contributes to the excellent acoustic performance. Our AMF Acoustic Range carries the Declare label.

1200 x 600
Thickness / weight
15 mm (c. 2.4 kg/m²)
White similar to RAL 9010 equivalent
Edge detail
Sound absorption
αw = 0.80H as per BS EN ISO 354
0.85 as per ASTM C 423-02A
Sound attenuation
Dn,c,w = 28 dB as per EN 20140-9 (24 mm thickness, as per test report)
Up to 95%
Light reflectance
Up to 88%
Thermal conductivity
λ = 0.038 W/mK as per EN 12667