Adlux Mega Roof Window - Modular

Product Description

Mega Roof Window - Modular

Exclusive product for maximum impact

Available only through Adlux, our Mega Roof Window now also comes in a modular option for achieving lengths of glazed roof windows never seen before. Developed due to an industry demand for large leak-free glazing systems, our modular system can be used in many areas where aluminium glazing bars would have traditionally been. Unlike glazing bars, our modular systems are fully factory glazed units coupled together on site with minimal fuss and maximum result.


Modular Mega Roof Window features

  • Install in any orientation
  • Perimeter condensation gutters including joins
  • No limit to the length achievable
  • Powder coated to colour of your choice
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Simple upstand-type installation
  • Fully compatible with all roofing system flashings
  • Low profile for a discreet appearance on the roof
  • Butt into wall/parapet or join over a ridge
  • Custom made