ZX® Panel Exterior Cladding System

Product Description

ZX® Panel is a totally new patented watertight, non-combustible 2mm aluminium cladding system, especially developed for the New Zealand residential and commercial building market.

ZX® Panel is extremely easy to install using rubbers and clip covers, creating a 37mm cavity.

ZX® Panel does not use aluminium composite panel that is prone to fire. Instead, we source superior New Zealand aluminium product that is safe and priced at a fraction of the cost of our nearest aluminium exterior cladding competitor.

ZX® Panel was developed through an intensive five-year research and development process that draws on the company founder’s extensive experience in the building industry.

We are proud to carry the New Zealand Made Trademark as it proves our commitment to the local industry and demonstrates we comply with New Zealand’s Fair Trading Act.


ZX® Panel is available to purchase through Carters, ITM, Placemakers in New Zealand and through the ZX® Panel website.