Write-on Wall Paint

Product Description

Surface preparation:
Apply directly over previously painted or sealed surfaces.

Existing surfaces:
Ensure surface is clean and dry, free from dirt, dust and loose material, oil, grease and mould. Any marks or stains on the surface will show through and will be unable to be removed once coated with Resene Write-On Wall Paint. Marks may be cleaned off or else you can apply another coat of the existing wall colour and allow to dry before applying Resene Write-on Wall Paint.

If mould is present, treat with Resene Moss & Mould Killer (see Data Sheet D80).

New surfaces:
For new surfaces, apply one coat of Resene Broadwall 3 in 1 (see Data Sheet D810) or Resene Broadwall Surface Prep (see Data Sheet D807) to achieve a Level 5 finish. Then apply two topcoats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen (see Data Sheet D311) white or tinted to a colour off white.

All sanding dusts may be harmful and appropriate protection should be worn. In particular dusts from old lead or chromate based paints or old building materials containing asbestos may be injurious to health if inhaled or ingested. Seek expert advice if the presence of these materials is suspected.

For the best finish coat a full wall area to minimise someone writing on a non coated area. If coating only part of a wall, mask out areas to be coated using a medium tack tape. Remove tape immediately after application of first coat, re-tape and repeat procedure.

Add total contents of Part B to Part A and mix thoroughly with a dedicated paint stirring stick. Allow to stand undisturbed for five minutes before applying. DO NOT SHAKE MIXED MATERIAL. Apply using a Resene No.4 roller sleeve. Apply evenly and immediately lay off in one direction with a minimum of 50% overlap. Avoid working back over areas that have begun to dry as this will lead to a patchy finish.

Two coats are recommended to ensure substrate is uniformly covered by product. Can be recoated after two hours @ 18ºC. Product may retain a slight surface tack at this time but can be overcoated. The pot life will be up to three hours depending on conditions. It is important to ensure the two coats are completed within the pot life of the product.

While roller application is recommended, you can use a brush or speed brush if preferred. Resene Write-on Wall Paint is NOT DESIGNED FOR SPRAY APPLICATION.

1.Avoid breathing vapour, use with adequate ventilation.
2.Part B contains trace hexamethylene and isophorone di-isocyanate (less than 0.5%) which is further diluted when mixed with Part A. If spray application is considered, contact Resene for safety and technical information
3.Part B is FLAMMABLE – keep away from sparks and open flame.