Waterborne Sidewalk CoolColour

Product Description

Resene Waterborne Sidewalk CoolColour is based on tough, self cross-linking acrylic resins to give maximum abrasion resistance in a one-pack finish. The surface finish of Resene Waterborne Sidewalk is designed to reduce the hazard of slipping. Add Resene SRG Grit for extra slip resistance.

Resene CoolColour technology performs optimally on dark colours that are the most susceptible to heat build-up. Selected colours off white, light, pastel, deep and ultra deep tone from the Resene Total Colour System.

Typical uses:
- Composite board
- Concrete
- Decking
- Domestic - garage and light industrial floors
- Fibre cement
- Particle board
- Steps
- Timber.

1. Reflects heat improving the life of paint finish and substrate and improving interior conditions inside the painted structure.
2. Excellent adhesion to new concrete and repaint work.
3. Satin finish tends to minimise the appearance of substrate defects.
4. Excellent colour retention.
5. An Environmental Choice approved product.

1. Not designed for use in severe environments, such as chemical plant or steel-wheeled traffic areas. For these circumstances, refer to the Resene Engineered Coating Systems Manual.
2. Check concrete floors for presence of moisture. Paint may peel and blister from surface if excess moisture is present in floor slabs.
3. Areas coated with this product unmodified may not comply with New Zealand Building Code D1 3.3(d). Refer also to New Zealand Building Code D1 2.0 table 2. Use Resene SRG Grit or Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path (see Data Sheet D313) if a non-skid finish is required.
4. Requires 48-72 hours to develop maximum resistance, for example, to hot tyres, water etc.

Please ensure the current Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are consulted prior to specification or application of product. If in doubt contact Resene. Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee on Resene decorative coatings - see Resene for more information.

Resene decorative coatings are tinted using unique Resene non VOC tinters enabling you to achieve the desired colour without added VOCs.

Engineered Systems Coatings products are tinted using special Resene industrial tinters. Remember Resene can create a customised specification free for your project - contact us for more information. Order colour charts and drawdowns of Resene colours from the Resene website.