Product Description

The Legrand ventilation range consists of basic ducted and exhaust fans, LED lights, and a complete range of accessories.  The Legrand range of exhaust fans are available for wall, ceiling, inline and ducted options. Wall fans range in size from 100mm to 250mm with levels of extraction between 94m3/h to 300m3/h and are ideal for large kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. There are 3 fascia designs to choose from and an option of auto-shutters with draft stoppers for greater energy efficiency. Legrand ceiling exhaust fans are 200 and 250mm in size with round and square options for strong air extraction up to 400m3/h airflow. The ducted ceiling exhaust fans can be round or square also and have air extraction between 255-555m3h airflow. The ducted fans have a new mounting system to facilitate contractor installations with improvements made on the motor to reduce condensation build up on the fascia.

New and recent exhaust fan features are the addition of a timer, humidity sensor and integrated lights. With the timer wall fans will stay on for the time set on the timer. Ducted fans on a timer will transfer air to another room to save energy and cost and to keep bathrooms and kitchens dry and clean. With the humidity sensor the fan will continue to work until no humidity is detected while the new light allows homeowners to have a spot light in their bathroom. The timer and humidity sensor are both easy to adjust. To make life easier for installers HPM have kits available which contain 2 internal grilles, 1 external grille, duct tape, cable ties and a 2 speed motor.