Vent-Axia MultiVent Continuous Extract Ventilation


Product Description

The Vent-Axia MultiVent is a continuous extract ventilation system which complies with the New Zealand Green Building Council Homestar v5 – Level 6 to Level 8. MultiVent is a centralized fan unit mounted in your roof cavity or cupboard that draws stale moist air and odours from your bathroom, laundry and kitchen and removes it from the home through the circular grilles mounted in your ceiling, making it ideal for apartments, multi-unit dwellings and free-standing homes. With its continuous flow and humidity sensed boost automation ventilation, this ensures refreshed indoor air quality by extracting pollutants, bacteria, and moisture (as recommended by health authorities, including WHO (World Health Organization)).



  • Continuous "trickle" extract ventilation from three rooms 
  • Branz appraised
  • Automated boost speeds activated via humidity sensing and control 
  • Four-speed centrifugal fan 
  • Market leading lo-carbon energy efficiency 
  • On-board digital controls for speedy installation 
  • Compact design
  • Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials