UNILOK™ Acoustic Ducting


Product Description

UNILOK™ FR1 Acoustic Ducting is a flexible duct manufactured tough and whisper quiet for consumer and installer peace of mind.



  • Fully complies to AS4254 & AS1530 Pt3 and NZ Building Code.
  • Designed for Low noise air transfer.
  • Fully flexible same mechanical construction as standard Unilok ducting.
  • DUCT CORE: A UV resilient fire retardant 100μm black low density polyethylene perforated material
  • mechanically locked into an outer metal helix with a copper coated spring steel wire.
  • DUCT SLEEVE: Fire retardant 75μm black low density polyethylene and UV stabilised.
  • DUCT INSULATION: Polyester R0.6.
  • DUCT INSULATION: Polyester R1.0.
  • DUCT INSULATION: Polyester R1.5
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Maximum: +80°C : Minimum: -10°C
Acoustic Ducting R0.6


Diameter (mm) Length (m) Order Code    
100mm 3m DCT1216    
125mm 3m DCT1164    
125mm 6m DCT1224    
150mm 3m DCT0633    
150mm 6m DCT0634    
200mm 3m DCT0635    
200mm 6m DCT0636    
250mm 3m DCT0637    
250mm 6m DCT0638    
300mm 3m DCT0639    
300mm 6m DCT0640    
350mm 3m DCT0641    
350mm 6m DCT0642    
400mm 3m DCT0643    
400mm 6m DCT0644    
450mm 3m DCT0645    
500mm 3m DCT0647    
550mm 3m DCT0649    
600mm 3m DCT0650    


Acoustic Ducting R1.0


Diameter (mm) Length (m) Order Code    
100mm 3m DCT1268    
125mm 6m DCT1176    
150mm 3m DCT0833    
150mm 6m DCT0834    
200mm 3m DCT0835    
200mm 6m DCT0836    
250mm 3m DCT0837    
250mm 6m DCT0838    
300mm 3m DCT0839    
300mm 6m DCT0840    
350mm 3m DCT0841    
350mm 6m DCT0842    
400mm 3m DCT0843    
400mm 6m DCT0844    
450mm 3m DCT0845    
500mm 3m DCT0846    


Acoustic Ducting R1.5


Diameter (mm) Length (m) Order Code    
150mm 3m DCT3032    
200mm 3m DCT3033    
250mm 3m DCT3034    
300mm 3m DCT3035    
350mm 3m DCT3036    
400mm 3m DCT3037