Ulltraclad UA7726 Shado-100 Weatherboard Horizontal

Product Description

Shado100 Board (198mm cover) is a flat surfaced board with two 18mm negative grooves that gives a shadow line effect. The board appears to be narrow but, in reality, is the same size as UA6975 Shadoline 200. The board can also be split in half (99mm cover) should a 100mm board be required to start.


The profile can be used vertically and horizontally on both commercial and residential type buildings. 

It can also be mixed and matched with Infinity Board, Shado-140 and Shadoline Board to create a range of designs. 


Designed as a completely Integrated System with its own flashings and corners, UlltraClad® has the looks of the traditional weatherboard but without the maintenance and problems associated with a timber cladding. It is suitable for use with aluminium window and door joinery that is installed with vertical jambs and horizontal heads and sills. 


UlltraClad® is BRANZ appraised and will withstand “Extra High” wind conditions as defined in NZS3604. UlltraClad® also won't crack or warp and withstands high temperatures.


Key Features

·         Horizontal and vertical installation

·         'Lightweight' (NZS:3604.2011)

·         Low maintenance

·         Fast installation for lower costs

·         Dulux powdercoated finishes